Who is Kevin Valley?

Chartered Business Valuator | Podcaster

Kevin Valley is a consultant who specializes in helping businesses seeking to exit, raise capital, negotiate transaction terms, or pass financial audits to develop a defensible valuation.

With over 12 years of experience in Corporate & Investment Banking, Kevin has been featured as a speaker and panelist at a variety of international business events on entrepreneurship, business development, and private company investment.

Not only is he a Chartered Business Valuator, Kevin is a Partner at Aspire Fund Management - a private equity firm based in Trinidad, Founder of Become Investible, and host of the Caribbean Power Lunch podcast. This podcast has been described as a critical source of knowledge and support for both young and established businesses alike, within the Caribbean context.

Kevin is especially passionate about business and the development of Caribbean entrepreneurs. He has always admired the power of businesses to change lives, create jobs, and create sustainable wealth. One of his core values stems from the quote

“Life is a loan that you repay through your service to others”

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